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Packaging Innovate + Supply Chain Innovate Track
December 16 Afternoon (Hanoi Time)

Opening Remarks

13:00 (Hanoi Time/GMT+7)

Opening Remarks

Presented by

Gloria Wong, Food, Drinks and Hospitality Cluster Event  Director, Escom Events



Sustainability from Vietnamese Perspective

•Market context

•What are consumers concerned about?

•What actions are consumers taking today?

•What’s next? The increased opportunity around Sustainability


Peter Christou

Expert Solutions Director




Bridging Nutrition Science and Innovation: Addressing Health & Immunity in Vietnam


Cyndy Au

Regional Director, Regulatory & Product Stewardship (Asia Pacific)

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences



A Safe, Smart, Reliable and Sustainable Future of Food & Beverage

•The food & beverage industry is under constant pressure to adapt and evolve to meet consumer demand. This means increased production, lower prices, and improved quality and variety, all while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. Let’s write the future of Food & Beverage. Together.


Hien Doan Van

F&B Segment Lead – APAC Region, Electrification Business Area




Global Packaging Perspective for 2021

Is plastics really the bad omen of our industry? We need to keep this valuable material and we need to keep it where it belongs. Pierre will explain in this presentation where it belongs.

We need global synergy to develop solutions that reduce packaging volume and impact, without compromising on protection.

How does the World Packaging Organisation view the state of plastics? Pierre explores this future along with alternatives, targets, achievements, alliances, and the global challenges to reduce packaging waste.

He will focus on the design and implementation of affordable and effective schemes that are attainable and meaningful to countries or regions.

What about consumer and public awareness of packaging waste? what about Governments” responses, and some of the steps being taken to introduce regulations to drive sustainability.

He will complete his presentation with innovative opportunities that will bridge current sustainability shortfalls.

He will complete his presentation with innovative opportunities that will bridge current sustainability shortfalls.


Pierre Pienaar


World Packaging Organisation

Tea Break + 1-1 Meeting

Afternoon Tea Break and 1-1 Video Meetings


Thảo luận mở bằng tiếng Việt

14:55 - 15:30

(Tiếng Việt) Cutting Cost to be More Competitive

Join ABB to cut through the noise and identify real, actionable ways to cut cost to be more competitive.


Hai Phu

Solutions Specialist


Thảo luận mở bằng tiếng Việt (Open Discussion in Vietnamese)


•Description: We believe that good nutrition is essential to a strong immune system. For decades, DuPont has delivered essential food and beverage innovation, so that you can deliver products that consumers love. Join us on 16 Dec (3pm) as we discuss trends and innovation on health & immunity.


Thanh Le

Sales Manage

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences

Anyone who is interested in discussing on trends and innovation on health & immunity can open up their cameras to join in the LIVE discussion. The session can be watched by everyone.

Panel Discussion


Increasing Demand for Food ShippingTraceability

•COVID-19 has thrown the world into a chaotic environment. Many cases was associated with imported seafood which then allow people to reiterate the importance of traceability. According to OSHA, most food-born illnesses either start or expand within the food supply chain. The need for retailers and suppliers to document the who’s, what’s, where’s, and when’s of every aspect of the food supply chain, not only for consumer safety and protecting their brands – but legal reasons as well, has stimulated a growing need for more accurate traceability standards.

  1. The need for Food Supply Chain Traceability – What’s the motivation?

  2. What role is technology playing in this and more specifically Blockchain?

  3. Why has this still not taken off in a big way, beyond a few successful POCs and even fewer commercial implementations?

  4. Is the business model / economics viable today?

  5. What’s the future?

Indranil Sen, Director - Global Operations, Accenture
Do Van Long, CEO, Vietnam Blockchain Corporation
Atul Patel, Co-founder, dltledgers
Raul Samaniego, Director Supply Chain, AJE Group



Supply Chain Innovation And Digital Transformation


John G. Keogh
Founder & Managing Principal
Shantalla Inc.

Close of Day One


Closing Remarks

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Product Innovate Track

December 17 Morning  (Hanoi Time)

Tentative as of December 13 , 2020

Opening Remarks

  09:00 (Hanoi Time/GMT+7)

Opening Remarks

Presented by

Gloria Wong

Food, Drinks and Hospitality Cluster Event  Director, Escom Events



Breakthrough Innovations across the CPG Space

  • A view of some top/breakthrough products in the CPG space, and the role they play or have for the brand.


Jeremiah Reyes

Director, BASES


Panel Discussion


Is Alternative Protein the Future of Food?

•Innovation in alternative protein - Portfolio companies as case studies

•Challenges faced by companies

1.Product development

2.Regulatory hurdles (i.e. food safety)

3.Manufacturing and commercialization of alternative protein products

•Investment opportunities in alternative protein companies

1.Why invest in this space?

2.How do you determine which companies to invest in?

3.How do you approach investors?


Andrew D Ive, Founder and Managing General Partner, Big Ideas Ventures


Vinayaka Srinivas, CEO and Co-Founder, Gaia Foods

Stephen Michael Co, Founder and CEO, Worth The Health Foods (WTH Foods)

Kelvin Ng, Business Development Director ASEAN, Green Monday

Michelle Lee, Regional Marketing Leader AP, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences 

Morning Tea Break and 1-1 Video Meetings

Morning Tea Break +1-1- Video Meetings

10:20 - 11:00

Open Discussion Session

10:20 - 10:50

Power through with DuPont on Health & Immunity

•Description: We believe that good nutrition is essential to a strong immune system. For decades, DuPont has delivered essential food and beverage innovation, so that you can deliver products that consumers love.

•Host: Victor Leow, ASEAN Beverage Industry Leader, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences



Food Technology Trends in the Alternative Protein Sector

•Why are Consumers Transitioning Towards Alternative Proteins? - Consumer Trends

•Alternative Protein Landscape - Tapping into Opportunities

•What is Alternative Protein? - Plant- vs Cell-Based Technology

•Innovation in the Plant-Based and Cell-Based Sectors - Case Studies


Dr. Matthew Zhao

Food Scientist

Big Idea Ventures



Digital Strategy for Food Manufacturers in Vietnam: What, Why and How

•While acknowledging the need for a digital strategy in itself is a significant first step, the road towards digital transformation is a long and complicated one. in this panel we will discussion:

•What does digital strategy mean for food manufacturers?

•Why Going Digital will be your new advantage in product innovation?

•How can digital strategy diffuse innovation?

•Top Digital Innovations Case Studies for Asia's leading food and Drinks companies


Rahul Shinde


Coca Cola Vietnam



Innovative Packaging and Supply Chain Cross Border Solution for Food

  • Covid-19 has changed our customer behavior and habit. They are now looking for freshness, original taste, foods that can boost the immune system, safety, home delivery, and ready to quick cook.

  • Shortfall of agricultural worker, non-migrant workers would affect to agricultural workforce supply

  • Food and agriculture’s demands are high, Crisis over / shortage food and imbalance food supply (at both plantation and post-harvest) occurred by region. We need to push up the cross-border levels, how we still can keep our supply chain workable to keep the freshness and original taste of our products after it cross the countries? Those solutions are in high needs


Trịnh Vân Hoa (Mrs.)

Co-Founder & CEO

Nam Quốc Minh Global Co.

Lunch Break + Session Talks

Lunch Break + Hosted Tropical Session



Marketing Innovate Track

December 17 Afternoon ( (Hanoi Time)

Tentatively as of December 13 , 2020


14:00  (Hanoi Time/GMT+7)

Digital Transformation for F&B Players: The HOW

•Dramatic differences in approach to digital can lead to dramatically different results – A snapshot of what leaders in the industry are doing differently:

           1. Principles of Success

           2. Case Studies and Examples


Utsav Garg

Managing Partner, Southeast Asia

AT Kearney



Winning Moments of Thirst & Hunger

•The changes in consumer media consumption lead to the birth of new Generation: Discovery Generation

•Identify Key Demand Moments of F&B to own

•Winning Consumer Mental availability in the key moments of  F&B consumption

•Winning Product Physical Availability both Online and Offline


Viet-Anh Trinh

Head of Consumer Packaged Goods


Panel Discussion


Design Better Customer Journeys across the Entire Customer Lifecycle

•How did COVID-19 impact your business initially, and how have you adjusted to this new normal? what were some things that had to be done differently because of covid19 versus pre-covid19?

•What challenges did your business face and had to adjust in these times? e.g. opening/closing hours, facemask policies, social distancing, food delivery handling, etc.

•What specific challenges did you face with food delivery? we have heard of labour shortages as online retail and food sales have surged beyond expectations in recent times. what challenges did you face with quality assurance, customer lifecycle process, customer service and any other key areas for your business?

•Can you give examples of how businesses can automate some or all of it customer lifescycle process as it relates to customer awareness, engagement and consideration, evaluation, purchase, product and support experience, bonding/loyalty/ to advocacy?

•What are you most proud of about your company’s response to the pandemic?

•What adjustments were made by your business that you will keep moving forward, even when the pandemic has subsided?

•Will your business come out of this stronger and better positioned than before? how and why? will your business be pandemic ready for the future?


Sean T. Ngo, CEO & Co-Founder, VF Franchise Consulting


Trung Nguyen, Founder & CEO, Loship

Toan Nguyen, Head of Marketing, McDonald's Vietnam

Ngoc Anh Sprünker, Chairwoman, Detech Coffee 

Tea Break

15:35 - 16:15

Afternoon Tea Break and 1-1 Video Meetings



The Conception, Launch and Ongoing Development of the Pizza 4P's Delivery Service

•An overview of the inception of this brand new service following the COVID-19 outbreak in Vietnam

•The evolution of Pizza 4P's delivery through operational and technological innovation

•Looking ahead to 2021

Mark Bain

Creative Director
Pizza 4P's



2020 Mobile Insights and Recommendations for App Marketers and Developers Based on Data Trends

•Mobile Acquisition: Weekly Installs by platform (jan 2020 - latest)

•Install Quality: Uninstall/ Revenue/open sessions/ by platform (jan 2020 - latest)

•Mobile Ad Fraud: Monthly Fraud trends, types & financial exposure (Sept - Oct 2020)

•Install Retention: Daily by platform (October 2020)


Chi Nguyen

Customer Success Manager, APAC


Closing of the Event 

Closing Remarks